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James Hock: The Man Behind the Wench

James Hock is an up and coming designer based out of London and has been receiving some well-deserved acclaim.

Hock actually went to school for Accounting but after a short time as an auditor decided to leap head first into fashion.  With a focus on women, he describes his designs for “the uncool’. It’s for those who wear the wrong clothes in all the wrong places. “I make clothes not to make women look thin but to make them interesting. She is slightly erotic, in control and at the same time wants to be controlled.”

His newest collection, The Unloved, strictly addresses black and red and is a gorgeous presentation of playfulness and poison.

Witches of the 21-st Century…meet your maker.

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Fallen Feathers: Kate McGwire

I once found myself in an abandoned tube station in Waterloo, London.  Initially attracted by its graffiti gorged walls, I was greeted by an old woman with a surgical mask on.  I inquired about her lucid appearance and she told me to follow the stairs on the side of the building and wait in-line.  As I waited with a few others there was talk about tickets: you had to have one to “get in”.  I managed to slide through with some random person and I spent 2hrs wearing a surgical mask (I was told no talking was allowed),  in the barely lit, moldy tube-maze.  It was there that I stumbled upon Kate McGwire’s work for the first time.  A long, deserted dining table with melted silverware on one side and a crow at the other.  You could ask anyone that day how they felt when they saw it…

but they probably wouldn’t tell you.

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Holiday Promo: 20% off anything and everything

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Happy holidayz from yours truly!


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