Fallen Feathers: Kate McGwire

I once found myself in an abandoned tube station in Waterloo, London.  Initially attracted by its graffiti gorged walls, I was greeted by an old woman with a surgical mask on.  I inquired about her lucid appearance and she told me to follow the stairs on the side of the building and wait in-line.  As I waited with a few others there was talk about tickets: you had to have one to “get in”.  I managed to slide through with some random person and I spent 2hrs wearing a surgical mask (I was told no talking was allowed),  in the barely lit, moldy tube-maze.  It was there that I stumbled upon Kate McGwire’s work for the first time.  A long, deserted dining table with melted silverware on one side and a crow at the other.  You could ask anyone that day how they felt when they saw it…

but they probably wouldn’t tell you.


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Filed under Sculpture, Taxidermy

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