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Crappy Taxidermy

We usually justify wearing leather or fur as a beautiful homage to the animal’s life…but in these cases we can’t decide whether to cry or laugh. Except for that first one which looks like The Thing. Definitely crying.

You may be delighted to know that some of these images are credited to eBay auctions.  For more, look at Crappy Taxidermy.


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Our friend Alex of NYC based Blissed Out has made us an exclusive and sexxy mixtape called Nite Vision. GIT IT GIT!

If you can’t get enough, look for a forthcoming, limited split CD-R with Ritualz on Cosmotropia de Xam of Mater Suspiria Vision’s Phantasma Disques label coming soon.

phone home intro
pretty gurl swag – ciara
i luv u forever nike7up  no distance remix – nike7up
inside out – britney spears
Days – creep featuring romy xx
The Sign (Blissed Out’s Nite Vision Edit) – Ace of Base
3 Peat – DJ Nate
untitled demo – blissed out
illuminati princess gif – teehn bwitches
san marino cover – blissed out

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Somehow the Universe heard our whispers and holographically projected us into a slow-hot-wind desert.

There we found Queen Badu. A barefoot contessa, with all the crystals of earth strung around her neck like a massive orbiting star.  Body stained with removable tattoos from the Middle East of circles, spirals, and tribal secrets.  Plastic dove perched on Queen’s left shoulder for advice and peaceful non-speech, continents of sacred natural resources gently encircled around her fingers.  Straw/sun-died hair like the most enchanting witch…but BEWARE OF HONEYDROP/SOULSCANNING EYEZ. and on and on and on and ON & ON

She took our HOLOGRAM necklaces as a small offering, and left us with some encouraging words that included “THESE ARE DOPE! Whats the name of you store? I WILL FUCK THAT SHIT UP.”…..thanks Queen

Did we mention she’s working on a holographic project and asked for our number?  POSS. COVEN-BADU COLLAB



HOLOZ ON ARMZ (3:10-3:20)

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Get stoked! New items in the shop now…get it while it’s hot. Erykah Badu, Blissed Out, Pictureplane, and HEALTH might already have the things you want…

Special thanks to our models and friends Jessie, Annie, Bert and Maii.

Jessie organizes a night at the Bacchus here in LA and this Friday’s party featuring video art by Mario Zoots and others and performances by DJ Black Rainbow and local group Blok is gonna be good.

Annie has a site of her own where she sells a mix of original creations and altered vintage pieces–while she’s currently on hiatus, she’ll be back soon with a slew of new things. In the meantime, you’ll probably see her in a music video or online ad campaign…or five.

Maii runs the Creation Station at Leimert Park Art Walk, which is going down this Sunday from 2 to 8.  She also sells vintage wares around Los Angeles and is super dope!

Bert is a rapper, producer, actor and model.  You can check him out in The “F” Word, an online series about rap group The Fly Guys.  The Fly Guys’ EP “The One” dropped today and is available for a free download on their site.

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Obligatory Coachella Post

Yes, Coachella ended Sunday night (or Monday morning..oops) and it’s Tuesday night now, but that should just be an indication of how much we were loving it this weekend.


-#basedgod Lil’ B announcing that the title of his new album is “I’m Gay” while Sebastian from Dem Passwords Gallery DJed his set

-HEALTH scaring away timid lingering CSS fans within their first five minutes and then playing a cover of Pictureplane’s Goth Star

-Bumping shoulders with Rihanna and being the sole object of her death stare for an entire fraction of a second ❤

-The light displays the Creator’s Project made for the Sahara dance tent and the Arcade Fire

-Watching how hard Alice Glass raged onstage even though her foot is broken

-Ke$ha being nearly unrecognizable due to an unusual level of cleanliness, clothedness, and sobriety

-Realizing that spending time with Kanye’s ballerinas will turn you into an alien.  Kanye being carried to the stage in a beam of light was definitely a signal to the mothership.

Thank you Based God


The Creators Project’s Sahara Tent Display

Getting galactic with the ballerinas

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Pictureplane’s Hotel Room Rave

Pictureplane + a hotel room + random door to door guest invites + pajamas + whippets.  Watch as shit gets weird while Travis Egedy performs a new song at XLR8R.


And of course, if you haven’t already, download his new mixtape Thee Negative Slave at Filter NOW.  Get excited….new album coming soon.

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Space15Twenty Flea Market

Come check out our new wares at the Space 15Twenty flea market today from 11-3.  1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood. If you can’t make it, check the online store soon….

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