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Howl x The Coven Pop Up Shop

We’re almost there!  On October 22, 2011, HOWL and THE COVEN will transform E.P.I.C. Shop in Echo Park into a futuristic trip to ancient Egypt for a party, installation, and a sale of new items from both brands.  We’ll have drinks and music to get you loose, and eye-candy in the form of art installations from Howl, The Coven and fine artist Conchi Sanford, as well as new, one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing from Howl and The Coven.  Whether you come to pre-game, shop or schmooze, just make sure you’re there.

Facebook invite here.

Where: E.P.I.C. Shop, 1712 West Sunset Boulevard

When: October 22, 2011, 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (the installation will be up through November 17, 2011)



Special thanks to Destro Escobar for this beautiful flyer.

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New Sheer Capes Coming Soon

Hey y’all!

Did you see us featured on Kingdom of Style?  If you did and wondered, “Why can’t I get that cape on the site?” not to worry.  More sheer capes are coming real soon in fabrics that will make you wish summer was a year-round frolic (hint: move to LA).

Some photo collages from Her Royal Highness, Queen Michelle:


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New Summer Pieces

Hey y’all, you ready for summer?  Cuz it’s here!  We’ve got new crop tops, holograms and sunnies for your barbecuing pleasure.  Mosey on over to to get fitted real nice!

A special thank you goes out to photographer David Cortes for making our models and new pieces look so damn good!  Check his work out here.

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Perfume パフューム

Our new fave JPOP synthesized fembot-babez! WE.CAN’T.STOP.LIS-TEN-ING.

…and if you’re going to make a fan vid just be really cute about it 😀

…and if you’re going to make a fan vid just be really cute about it 😦

(peep 0:26 tho)

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TODAY: The Moon Festival in Pomona

THE COVEN will be out in Pomona today supporting the arts at The Moon Festival.  Last night we met up with KenBTS, mastermind behind t h e . b r e a t h, at his Pomona abode to deliver some shiny custom capes to him for his first ever performance as t h e . b r e a t h.  Pomona’s arts colony totally enchanted us.  From walking into someone else’s house accidentally and being offered wine instead of being cussed out, to the candlelit dinner among 8 strangers who quickly became the homies, the rhythms in Pomona were right on point.  No doubt the music performed today will only compliment that good vibe.

The Moon Festival is a free non-profit outdoor/indoor art and music street festival to benefit the School of Arts & Enterprise in downtown Pomona’s arts colony. The festival is happening during the Pomona art walk, today from NOW until midnight.  t h e . b r e a t h ‘s stage is at 565 W 2nd Street.  Hope to see you there!

from last night

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Two things that are making us infinitely happy on this fine Sunday: the above gif, and this article from NPR (you can listen to it, too) on the use of NASA satellites aiding in the possible discovery of ancient Egyptian pyramids buried under sand for thousands of years.  The connection between space technology and the cosmically aligned and inspired pyramids just feels so right…kind of like how wearing our Pyramid hologram necklace does… (MORE HOLOGRAMS IN THE SHOP SOON, PROMISE)


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Whitney Houston :: Monster Edition

There was an article that intrigued us a while ago about the surprisingly intense and sometimes deadly competetive world of kareoke in the Philippines.  As a follow-up to our conversation about said article, a friend just e-mailed us this video….it starts kind of slow, but stick with it until the end. WE PROMISE. IT’S WORTH EVERY TERRIFYING SECOND. Extra points for the goulish sass.

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Crappy Taxidermy

We usually justify wearing leather or fur as a beautiful homage to the animal’s life…but in these cases we can’t decide whether to cry or laugh. Except for that first one which looks like The Thing. Definitely crying.

You may be delighted to know that some of these images are credited to eBay auctions.  For more, look at Crappy Taxidermy.


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Get stoked! New items in the shop now…get it while it’s hot. Erykah Badu, Blissed Out, Pictureplane, and HEALTH might already have the things you want…

Special thanks to our models and friends Jessie, Annie, Bert and Maii.

Jessie organizes a night at the Bacchus here in LA and this Friday’s party featuring video art by Mario Zoots and others and performances by DJ Black Rainbow and local group Blok is gonna be good.

Annie has a site of her own where she sells a mix of original creations and altered vintage pieces–while she’s currently on hiatus, she’ll be back soon with a slew of new things. In the meantime, you’ll probably see her in a music video or online ad campaign…or five.

Maii runs the Creation Station at Leimert Park Art Walk, which is going down this Sunday from 2 to 8.  She also sells vintage wares around Los Angeles and is super dope!

Bert is a rapper, producer, actor and model.  You can check him out in The “F” Word, an online series about rap group The Fly Guys.  The Fly Guys’ EP “The One” dropped today and is available for a free download on their site.

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Space15Twenty Flea Market

Come check out our new wares at the Space 15Twenty flea market today from 11-3.  1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood. If you can’t make it, check the online store soon….

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