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Hero comedian Louis C.K. (seriously, if you haven’t watched his show you need to) bravely seized his opportunity on a radio show to ask Donald Rumsfeld the questions to which everyone already knows the answers–is he a lizard person? And has he eaten human babies?

Rumsfeld, true to his shapeshifter form, completely avoided the question with a very bizarre story about someone forcefully buying him dinner. WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU, RUMSFELD!

Snag our Reptilian Cape and take a listen below:

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Buying into the Zombie Boy Hype…Sowwy

We know everyone in the fashion internets have been talking about him, and we’re late to the party, but…we’re finally buying into the hype and we’re kind of into Zombie Boy modeling for Thierry Mugler’s menswear.  He looks like a walking nightmare, begging for acceptance with those dark eyes in his beautiful clothes. It’s hard to look away.

On the other hand, we’re giggling while wondering if anyone else remembers what the zombies in the classic Dawn of the Dead do instinctively…go to the mall.  Though their brains and their humanity are gone, their desire to mindlessly roam the shops is not.  Is Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti using Zombie Boy to make a tongue-in-cheek reference to consumer culture and fashion? Or is the pop-culture-reference joke on him?

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ARIA: Operatic Dreamscapes

The premise of the 1989 film Aria is this: 10 directors were asked to make the short film of their choice, the only requirement being that it was set to an operatic aria.  While some of the interpretations are rather literal snoozefests (the cinematic debut of Elizabeth Hurley’s breasts or not), a couple are spellbinding.  You have Godard being really out there and really French–even when his subject matter is a bodybuilding gym, and a grotesque take on an insane asylum’s theater night by Robert Altman.

But perhaps the most mesmerizing pieces in the film are Ken Russel’s “Nessun Dorma” and Franc Roddam’s “Liebestod.”  Russel’s “Dorma” imagines a woman who–having survived a terrible accident–imagines she is a sun goddess, beautiful rituals and jewels mirroring her wounds and operation.  “Liebestod” follows a young couple with naivete written in their faces to Las Vegas. Upon consummating their relationship in the most tragically hot love scene to ever grace our eyes, they attempt to kill themselves.

We watched these on repeat, crying, wishing these dreams could last forever. Don’t take our word for it–watch for yourself. In fact, do yourself a favor, ignore the Youtube links, and get on Netflix Instant right now.

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We’re Officially a Work of Art

Many thanks to Kyle Doppler, who made this beautiful picture of our model Annie wearing our (now sold!) one of a kind gold chain crown.

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Irana Douer: Futuristic Frida

I ran into Irana’s work about a year ago on some art blog and to my surprise, ended up meticulously analyzing every image.  Focusing on womanhood, Irana takes a central character and puts her through various situations of love, brutality, and harmony.  She channels Frida Kahlo’s work very closely but in a more playful sense allowing the viewer to participate more with the piece.  She truly understands the many ways, layers, and moods of a woman and uses strong historical symbology.  She currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has some great pieces for purchase at her Etsy store.

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