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Howl x The Coven Pop Up Shop

We’re almost there!  On October 22, 2011, HOWL and THE COVEN will transform E.P.I.C. Shop in Echo Park into a futuristic trip to ancient Egypt for a party, installation, and a sale of new items from both brands.  We’ll have drinks and music to get you loose, and eye-candy in the form of art installations from Howl, The Coven and fine artist Conchi Sanford, as well as new, one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing from Howl and The Coven.  Whether you come to pre-game, shop or schmooze, just make sure you’re there.

Facebook invite here.

Where: E.P.I.C. Shop, 1712 West Sunset Boulevard

When: October 22, 2011, 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (the installation will be up through November 17, 2011)



Special thanks to Destro Escobar for this beautiful flyer.

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björk: crystalline

we can’t stop watching this…


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THE COVEN featured on IntrigueMeNow

Check out the BEAUTIFUL photos of our White Lace Vest and Leia Crown featured on the UK blog IntrigueMeNow!

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133 @ Echo Park Independent Co-Op

This past weekend, Echo Park Independent Co-Op presented the opening reception of 133, showcasing the creations of the super-talented Keyla Marquez of Howl, David Cortes, Andrew Cortes, and Todd Razor. Each of the 4 artists specialize in different media, enabling a spectrum that catered to every aesthetic. And we do mean spectrum. The ethereal colors in David Cortes’ glossy prints were simply awe-inspiring.

And this sense of enchantment was continued by the whimsical, shear fabrics and sweeping lengths used in several of Keyla’s creations for Howl.

Be sure to check out their work on display this month at E.P.I.C.(@ 1712 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026)

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Glass Jewelz

For quite some time, I’ve been holding on to a box full of beautiful, 8mm-thick glass. While having way too much fun photographing the glass and outlining the shapes in a sketchpad, it became clear that this was a new series of jewelz. The new necklaces and bracelets will be available at Space1520 on Sunday, May 22nd, and through the online store at the end of the month! Below are some photos of the glass and the silver casing samples. Stay tuned for more previews of our new items!

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THE COVEN took a field trip to see the Purple One this weekend in a voyage that proved that Loving It always pays off. We began our journey in the nosebleed section, minds blown (but not really, Prince, you know…) by the stage design and the appearance of Sheila E on the drums.

Loving it to the Nth and making every old person in the vicinity uncomfortable with our wild dancing, we soon heard the words “No photos at the tables”. We thought, “Hand-selected for simply loving it? Is this possible?”, as we were ushered down what seemed like an infinite number of stairs to be deposited at the tip of The Artist Formerly Known As stage.  “Do not stop dancing,” they instructed.  As if we needed to be told. PRINCE NEEDED US.

What followed were beautiful clouds of confetti, swarovski sparkled pants, threats of being kicked out when we were caught with camera phones in hand, and the Purple One’s perfect ass of steel within a few feet of our grasp.  When Doves Cried, we cried.

 Kaitlyn (wearing The Leia Crown) & Savannah (wearing the “No Photos” sign)

Next to us was a fledgling boy band, also loving it.  We have no idea what their music sounds like, but since they nicely complied with our demands to pose with the “NO PHOTOS” sign, the least we can do is tell you that they are called Radio for the People.

 Radio for the People

After one failed attempt to find the girl who had invited us to the Prince afterparty and one Myspace bathroom photo sesh, we headed back to COVEN headquarters for our own afterparty.  We must have inadvertently summoned Michael through the Ouija board we turned over to use as a bar on the floor…drinks never tasted so good.

Moral of the story: when you’re loving it, the universe can’t help but love you back.

  Souvenirs: Purple Rain Confetti

 Waiting for another encore. Yes, they are breaking down the stage.


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Obligatory Coachella Post

Yes, Coachella ended Sunday night (or Monday morning..oops) and it’s Tuesday night now, but that should just be an indication of how much we were loving it this weekend.


-#basedgod Lil’ B announcing that the title of his new album is “I’m Gay” while Sebastian from Dem Passwords Gallery DJed his set

-HEALTH scaring away timid lingering CSS fans within their first five minutes and then playing a cover of Pictureplane’s Goth Star

-Bumping shoulders with Rihanna and being the sole object of her death stare for an entire fraction of a second ❤

-The light displays the Creator’s Project made for the Sahara dance tent and the Arcade Fire

-Watching how hard Alice Glass raged onstage even though her foot is broken

-Ke$ha being nearly unrecognizable due to an unusual level of cleanliness, clothedness, and sobriety

-Realizing that spending time with Kanye’s ballerinas will turn you into an alien.  Kanye being carried to the stage in a beam of light was definitely a signal to the mothership.

Thank you Based God


The Creators Project’s Sahara Tent Display

Getting galactic with the ballerinas

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