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Pictureplane’s Hotel Room Rave

Pictureplane + a hotel room + random door to door guest invites + pajamas + whippets.  Watch as shit gets weird while Travis Egedy performs a new song at XLR8R.


And of course, if you haven’t already, download his new mixtape Thee Negative Slave at Filter NOW.  Get excited….new album coming soon.

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On the Silver Globe

Though the story of a Soviet film being halted halfway through production and destroyed for being socially incendiary is common, Andrzej Żuławski’s sci-fi epic On the Silver Globe is within a class of its own.  After fleeing the oppression of Communist Poland to Paris and achieving critical success there with another film, Zulawski was invited back by the Polish government (hoping to prove that Communist states could be hip, too) to create a masterpiece of his choice.

Sensing great opportunity with a budget and shooting access almost unprecedented in Soviet film-making, Zulawski commenced shooting in 1975 in a plethora of locations scattered as widely as the Baltic shore, Crimea, and the Gobi desert. In 1977, with roughly four fifths of the film completed, production was shut down permanently as the film was perceived by the Minister of Culture to be a clear allegory of the struggle between the Poles and their totalitarian government.  Over the next decade, Zulawski cobbled together the reels of film that had been secretly preserved, and the pieced-together film premeired at Cannes in 1988.

The result is a film that is as confusing as its production design and visuals are beautiful and dazzling to behold.  In all honesty, you’ll likely need to consult Google for a plot summary.  Astronauts crash on an Earth-like planet, create a new pagan civilization, and send a video diary back to Earth.  The diary is found on Earth, and another astronaut sent to investigate the crash on the silver globe is perceived upon his arrival as a Christ-like figure by the now Medieval-like civilization who can save them from alien bird-monsters.  An orgy and war ensue.  Meanwhile, the Christ-astronaut’s celebrity girlfriend back on Earth is having an affair with his friend. Cue the TV screens, cars, and wailing guitars. Where footage is missing, Zulawski has substituted with narration paired with completely unrelated footage, the effect of which is both poetic and confusion-propelling.

The visual payoff, however, is worth all three hours. The future, the birth of civilization, astronauts, monks, cave lairs, stunning Eastern European cityscapes, opera, tribal music, rock n’ roll, terrifying bird monsters, face paint, Christ references, orgies, trance-like monologues–this film pursues it all with a totality that is mesmerizing, despite its length and twisting plot line.

We have no doubt now that the Knife’s Karin Andersson’s facepaint is inspired by this movie… Expect On the Silver Globe inspired wares from THE COVEN soon.



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ARIA: Operatic Dreamscapes

The premise of the 1989 film Aria is this: 10 directors were asked to make the short film of their choice, the only requirement being that it was set to an operatic aria.  While some of the interpretations are rather literal snoozefests (the cinematic debut of Elizabeth Hurley’s breasts or not), a couple are spellbinding.  You have Godard being really out there and really French–even when his subject matter is a bodybuilding gym, and a grotesque take on an insane asylum’s theater night by Robert Altman.

But perhaps the most mesmerizing pieces in the film are Ken Russel’s “Nessun Dorma” and Franc Roddam’s “Liebestod.”  Russel’s “Dorma” imagines a woman who–having survived a terrible accident–imagines she is a sun goddess, beautiful rituals and jewels mirroring her wounds and operation.  “Liebestod” follows a young couple with naivete written in their faces to Las Vegas. Upon consummating their relationship in the most tragically hot love scene to ever grace our eyes, they attempt to kill themselves.

We watched these on repeat, crying, wishing these dreams could last forever. Don’t take our word for it–watch for yourself. In fact, do yourself a favor, ignore the Youtube links, and get on Netflix Instant right now.

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Projections for Overstimulation

A preview of the eerie, beautiful video projections created by Michael Johnson (Director) and Roham Romanian (DP) for our launch event at Space15Twenty this Saturday.

Photos by Paley Fairman.

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Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren is, more or less, my idol, and this morning, I stumbled upon her 1943 unfinished surrealist film, made with Marcel Duchamp.  The name alone is captivating…”Witch’s Cradle”. If you aren’t familiar with her work, check out one of her well known experimental shorts, Meshes of the Afternoon. If it’s somehow possible to have a deprivation of creepy visuals the week before Halloween, it will definitely be satiated by these shorts.

Meshes of the Afternoon

WITCH’S CRADLE Part 1 and Part 2

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