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Who Says Print is Dead?

If you already thought 3-D printers were incredible…prepare yourself.  Surgeon Anthony Atala talks here about using living cells to print a transplantable, human kidney.

…would human leather still be disgusting if nobody has to die to make it…?


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Buying into the Zombie Boy Hype…Sowwy

We know everyone in the fashion internets have been talking about him, and we’re late to the party, but…we’re finally buying into the hype and we’re kind of into Zombie Boy modeling for Thierry Mugler’s menswear.  He looks like a walking nightmare, begging for acceptance with those dark eyes in his beautiful clothes. It’s hard to look away.

On the other hand, we’re giggling while wondering if anyone else remembers what the zombies in the classic Dawn of the Dead do instinctively…go to the mall.  Though their brains and their humanity are gone, their desire to mindlessly roam the shops is not.  Is Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti using Zombie Boy to make a tongue-in-cheek reference to consumer culture and fashion? Or is the pop-culture-reference joke on him?

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The “Body Worlds” Creator :: No Words

The first time the Body Worlds exhibition came to Los Angeles, my 15-year old mind was blown.  It was as though the drawings of Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Becerra had come to life, science elevated to the level of the sublime.  The young, wrinkled, fat, and fit alike reveled in the beauty of what lay beneath all of their skins as they wandered the galleries.  There was a hushed, almost church-like air of solemnity in the room housing a plasticized mother and fetus–not because museum visitors were shocked, but because they were in awe of the miracle of their own bodies.

Now that Body Worlds creator Gunther von Hagens has announced that he is dying, I cannot, to put it simply, get over how cool he is.  He plans to have his own corpse plastinated by his wife and added to the permanent exhibition.  Explains Mr. Hagens, “my plastinated corpse will then stand in a welcoming pose at the entrance of my exhibition.” Naturally.

While we’re on the subject of how cool he is, you can purchase some of Hagens’ work here.  True to his anatomist/artist roles, these products run the gamut from more educational items like plastinated human slices (“for qualified users only!”), to “lifestyle products” like jewelry and art pieces.  The bull penis walking sticks are a bit out of my price range, but I’m seriously considering an organ-printed bag made from exhibition banners…

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Fallen Feathers: Kate McGwire

I once found myself in an abandoned tube station in Waterloo, London.  Initially attracted by its graffiti gorged walls, I was greeted by an old woman with a surgical mask on.  I inquired about her lucid appearance and she told me to follow the stairs on the side of the building and wait in-line.  As I waited with a few others there was talk about tickets: you had to have one to “get in”.  I managed to slide through with some random person and I spent 2hrs wearing a surgical mask (I was told no talking was allowed),  in the barely lit, moldy tube-maze.  It was there that I stumbled upon Kate McGwire’s work for the first time.  A long, deserted dining table with melted silverware on one side and a crow at the other.  You could ask anyone that day how they felt when they saw it…

but they probably wouldn’t tell you.

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