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Howl x The Coven Pop Up Shop

We’re almost there!  On October 22, 2011, HOWL and THE COVEN will transform E.P.I.C. Shop in Echo Park into a futuristic trip to ancient Egypt for a party, installation, and a sale of new items from both brands.  We’ll have drinks and music to get you loose, and eye-candy in the form of art installations from Howl, The Coven and fine artist Conchi Sanford, as well as new, one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing from Howl and The Coven.  Whether you come to pre-game, shop or schmooze, just make sure you’re there.

Facebook invite here.

Where: E.P.I.C. Shop, 1712 West Sunset Boulevard

When: October 22, 2011, 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (the installation will be up through November 17, 2011)



Special thanks to Destro Escobar for this beautiful flyer.

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THE COVEN featured on IntrigueMeNow

Check out the BEAUTIFUL photos of our White Lace Vest and Leia Crown featured on the UK blog IntrigueMeNow!

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Welcome to Twin Peaks IRL

THE COVEN ventured to the ancient woods of the central coast this weekend (more on that later this week) and stumbled into its own twilight zone version of Twin Peaks.  Emerging from the darkness of our campsite in the Pfeiffer Woods, we discovered that the local lodge was a spitting image of The Great Northern Hotel–complete with slick but angry owner, drunk European guests, wood paneled walls, and an eerie period soundtrack in the lobby.  When we left with the wine we’d come for, we noticed the single hanging traffic light in the area, encountered the dead body of an owl, and were terrified by the otherworldly call of an animal that seemed poised to possess.  When we got back to our site, a lone motorcyclist (though not as cute as James) drove past several times before vanishing into the night.

While we didn’t get any of our James wannabe, here are a couple of pictures of Kaitlyn pulling her best Laura Palmer/Annie Blackburn in the lobby…


And the real thing….

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1 1 . 1 1 FOTOZ

Last Saturday, we ventured out to the Moon Festival in Pomona, where our shiny capes were worn during the first performance of   t h e . b r e a t h. Below are some fotoz of the 1 1 : 1 1 performance, featuring kenBTS, Nikko Gray, and Iman.

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TODAY: The Moon Festival in Pomona

THE COVEN will be out in Pomona today supporting the arts at The Moon Festival.  Last night we met up with KenBTS, mastermind behind t h e . b r e a t h, at his Pomona abode to deliver some shiny custom capes to him for his first ever performance as t h e . b r e a t h.  Pomona’s arts colony totally enchanted us.  From walking into someone else’s house accidentally and being offered wine instead of being cussed out, to the candlelit dinner among 8 strangers who quickly became the homies, the rhythms in Pomona were right on point.  No doubt the music performed today will only compliment that good vibe.

The Moon Festival is a free non-profit outdoor/indoor art and music street festival to benefit the School of Arts & Enterprise in downtown Pomona’s arts colony. The festival is happening during the Pomona art walk, today from NOW until midnight.  t h e . b r e a t h ‘s stage is at 565 W 2nd Street.  Hope to see you there!

from last night

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Refinery 29 :: We’re a “Hot Sale”

We’re not ones to brag…..but seriously.  If Refinery 29 says we’re a hot sale, you should come to the flea market on Sunday.  Don’t you want to be decked out in “gorgeous,” “head-turning” wares?

Check out the newsletter too!

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THE COVEN Hosts: Space 15 Twenty Flea Market

We’re hosting the Space 15 Twenty flea market this week and it’s going to be bomb.  Get your nails did with Kleur, slip your feet into some handmade leather and beaded sandals from Mumbi of Long Beach, and of course, stop by our section for some vintage steals and all the things you’ve eyed on our website, but wanted to try on in person.  CBabyWags will be holding the music down.  And if you need a little pick me up, stop by the Hollywood farmer’s market for a bit, but make your way back!  There are cute things to be bought!

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