Somehow the Universe heard our whispers and holographically projected us into a slow-hot-wind desert.

There we found Queen Badu. A barefoot contessa, with all the crystals of earth strung around her neck like a massive orbiting star.  Body stained with removable tattoos from the Middle East of circles, spirals, and tribal secrets.  Plastic dove perched on Queen’s left shoulder for advice and peaceful non-speech, continents of sacred natural resources gently encircled around her fingers.  Straw/sun-died hair like the most enchanting witch…but BEWARE OF HONEYDROP/SOULSCANNING EYEZ. and on and on and on and ON & ON

She took our HOLOGRAM necklaces as a small offering, and left us with some encouraging words that included “THESE ARE DOPE! Whats the name of you store? I WILL FUCK THAT SHIT UP.”…..thanks Queen

Did we mention she’s working on a holographic project and asked for our number?  POSS. COVEN-BADU COLLAB



HOLOZ ON ARMZ (3:10-3:20)

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