Obligatory Coachella Post

Yes, Coachella ended Sunday night (or Monday morning..oops) and it’s Tuesday night now, but that should just be an indication of how much we were loving it this weekend.


-#basedgod Lil’ B announcing that the title of his new album is “I’m Gay” while Sebastian from Dem Passwords Gallery DJed his set

-HEALTH scaring away timid lingering CSS fans within their first five minutes and then playing a cover of Pictureplane’s Goth Star

-Bumping shoulders with Rihanna and being the sole object of her death stare for an entire fraction of a second ❤

-The light displays the Creator’s Project made for the Sahara dance tent and the Arcade Fire

-Watching how hard Alice Glass raged onstage even though her foot is broken

-Ke$ha being nearly unrecognizable due to an unusual level of cleanliness, clothedness, and sobriety

-Realizing that spending time with Kanye’s ballerinas will turn you into an alien.  Kanye being carried to the stage in a beam of light was definitely a signal to the mothership.

Thank you Based God


The Creators Project’s Sahara Tent Display

Getting galactic with the ballerinas

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