Masaru Emoto and the Power of Thought

I was introduced to Masaru Emoto’s work a few weeks ago by an amazing German couple in São Paulo.  Over the past 20 years he has studied the crystalline structure of frozen water before and after it has received either “positive” or “negative” vibrations in the form of spoken words,  meditation, music, images or written words.  He might meditate on a drop of water sending it positive energy, or write out a word like “love” or “happiness” and tape it to a bottle of water.  He then freezes the water and analyzes its crystalline structure using microscopic photography.  Water that has received positive energy generally crystallizes in a geometric or “beautiful” structure, while water that has received negative energy lacks form and is “ugly” (we think the “negative” ones look cooler).

Mother Teresa's got some explaining to do...


While Emoto’s work does raise some doubts (supposedly he sells his blessed water at $35 for 8oz–good incentive to switch the label from an “I want to kill you” bottle to an “I love you” one if the results don’t match), we still believe that thoughts are extremely powerful. 

Last night I was in bed thinking about this work and reminding myself to go on Amazon to buy his book, and this morning when I woke up and checked one of my 3 horoscopes for the day (so I’m an astrology slut–whatever), his name was on the splash page. 

Today, Masaru Emoto is calling on the world to send thoughts of love and gratitude to the water being used to cool Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear reactors in the hopes that our collective energy will bring about a positive impact.  Take 30 seconds out of your day.

“To the water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer.  Please forgive us.  We thank you and we love you.”  ❤ THE COVEN


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3 responses to “Masaru Emoto and the Power of Thought

  1. Hey thanks for publishing a series of Emoto’s images in a cluster. That’s hard to find on the web and what brought me to your site. Now that I’m here reading your comments, and at the risk of sounding self-promotional, I think you’d really like my book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. It has a big section on thought-forms, how they work, and how to work with them. All backed by science too. Enjoy! So mote it be.

  2. Thank goodness some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this article

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